Success Comes in Many Ways

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just back from Photo LA. On considering and reflecting on our success, a few thoughts on what it means to me:

…the ability for me to manifest my passion, as well as the passion of others through the making of 21st Editions/Legacy Editions books and show them in a great city like Los Angeles.

…the opportunity to connect and speak with people about their love of photography and the art of the book, and to do it with a great team of equally passionate personalities like John Wood, Pam Clark, Crissy Welzen, Andrew Conway, just to name a few.

…making new friends, seeing new work, paging through books that have taken years to produce.

…connecting with Chris Pichler on what it means to be here, to exist.

…being grateful for artists like Herman Leonard, Masao Yamamoto, Graham Nash, Jefferson Hayman, Jerry Uelsmann, Sally Mann, Joel-Peter Witkin, and so many others whose gifts have been the opportunity to work with them over the years.

…What is success for you?

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