21st Editions Announces YAMAMOTO MASAO

January 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

21st Editions is extremely pleased to announce the publication of YAMAMOTO MASAO, a celebration of the work of one of the world’s leading artists, a Japanese master whose photographs reflect centuries of aesthetic tradition and encapsulate the essence of Zen.

This publication inaugurates 21st Editions’ new Prism Series which consists of 280 boxed copies bound in a wrapped handmade paper.  The Prism book is accompanied by your choice of one of four signed platinum prints.  The prints are limited to an edition of 70, with only 50 copies of each version for sale.

The Deluxe Book consists of two volumes hand-bound in silk.  One is the Prism Book; the other includes twelve platinum prints and a poem, as well as three loose silver-gelatin prints (one is shown above), all signed by the artist.  Limited to 42 copies, with only 22 for sale.

Both volumes contain texts by John Wood.  “A Guide to the Art of Yamamoto Masao” opens the Prism volume and “Five Whirling Head Waka for Yamamoto Masao,” a Japanese style poem in homage to Mr. Yamamoto and five of his works, opens the Deluxe Edition.

To reserve copies, please contact Pam Clark at  508-398-3000.

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§ 2 Responses to 21st Editions Announces YAMAMOTO MASAO

  • sonofido says:

    This is very exciting. Did Mr. Yamamoto make the platinum prints or were they commissioned?

    • 21st Editions master platinum printer, John Marcy, created the bound platinum prints. Mr. Yamamoto printed the 3 unbound silver-gelatin prints that accompany the Deluxe Edition. The platinum and silver prints are all signed by the artist.

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